High-tech tarpaulin, made by a textile specialist

PLANOFIL® is a particularly resistant tarpaulin fabric made of polyester with a polyurethane coating, originally developed for the Swiss Army. PLANOFIL® is manufactured by the Swiss company Cilander, one of the world's leading specialists in textile coatings. Weighing only 180 grams per square meter, PLANOFIL® is extremely lightweight.

Tarpaulin, sun protection and more. PLANOFIL® is available in 10 colors

Moss Green
Light Blue
Dark Blue

Technical data

  • Tear resistance

    DIN EN ISO 13934-1

    Maximum tensile force in newton
    Warp 1200 | Weft 1000

  • Tear propagation resistance

    DIN EN ISO 13937-1

    Elmendorf in centinewton
    Warp 4000 | Weft 3200

  • Martindale abrasion

    ISO 12947-2 (12 kPa)

    100,000 cycles on coated side

  • Adhesion strength

    Scrub test, 500 strokes

    No damage to the coating

  • Heat test

    72 hours | 90 °C

    Coating against fabric
    no adhesive tendency

    Coating against coating
    weak adhesive tendency

  • Water column

    > 200 cm
  • Colour fastness

    150 h Xeno test

    Coating 7
    Fabric 7
    Silver 6

  • Rub fastness

    Crockmeter, 12 cycles

    Coating side dry 4 – 5
    Coating side wet 4 – 5
    Fabric side dry 4
    Fabric side wet 4

  • Bally Flexometer

    30,000 strokes room temperature

  • Spraytest

    Fabric side = inside Score 100
    Fabric side = outside Score 100

  • Bundesmann

    Coating side penetration 0 ml
    Fabric side penetration 0 ml

  • Sun protection factor UPF


  • Roll width

    178 – 180 cm

  • Roll length

    30 – 70 running meters

  • Material

    100% Polyester

Robust, waterproof and lightweight. This tarpaulin has been tried and tested thousands of times

PLANOFIL® is a particularly resistant tarpaulin fabric made of polyester with a polyurethane coating.

  • PLANOFIL® is available in 10 colors
  • Roll width is approx. 180 cm
  • It is available in rolls of 50 meters
  • also available as fabric remnants

Tarpaulin fabric was developed for the Swiss Army

PLANOFIL® is a product by the Swiss textile specialist Cilander. The company, with a tradition of more than two hundred years in textile finishing, has extensive experience in the field of high-tech coatings for technical textiles. Worldwide, numerous airlines, railroad and bus companies use Cilander cover fabrics coated for their seats.

PLANOFIL® was originally developed as a tarpaulin material for the Swiss Army. Its exceptional durability and lightness quickly made the fabric attractive for a wide variety of recreational uses, especially boat tarpaulins and persennings.

Video: That’s how light a PLANOFIL® boat cover really is

To give you a quick impression of how light and handy PLANOFIL® is, we demonstrate the use of our tarpaulin and tarpaulin fabric in a short video. You can see the tarpaulin as a finished product on a boat and while it’s manufactured by a saddler. If you would like to test PLANOFIL® personally, simply order a free fabric sample by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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