Tarpaulin fabric with unbeatable advantages

The perfect protection for your boat: PLANOFIL® is not only extremely sturdy and durable thanks to its special coating. The fabric also protects under the tarpaulin – because PLANOFIL® is translucent, meant to always lets a little light through. This avoids condensation and prevents mold to develop.

The boat tarpaulin with ultra-light handling

Compared to conventional tarpaulin fabrics, PLANOFIL® is surprisingly light. A boat can be covered and uncovered in no time at all. The tarpaulin can be folded easily into a handy package and stowed anywhere. This saves energy and time.

The durable tarpaulin is second to none

Its extremely robust fabric structure and tough coating give PLANOFIL® very high tear resistance, even after years of use in wind and weather. PLANOFIL® is dirt-repellent, resistant to seawater and does not become brittle even when exposed to frequent and intense sunlight.

Our tarpaulin fabric is easy to process

Experts appreciate PLANOFIL® – especially boat upholsterers who work with it every day. PLANOFIL® is extremely flexible and easy to handle. The polyester fabric can be used in many ways, for example as a sunshade or to cover lounge furniture. Due to its eco-friendly PU coating, the softeners in the fabric can’t evaporate.

Lightweight and easy to maintain

PLANOFIL® is dirt-repellent and practically cleans itself. The coating acts like the non-stick surface of a frying pan – even stubborn dirt does not stick to it. The bird droppings that boat owners dread usually disappear on a PLANOFIL® boat cover with the next rainfall, or they can be easily rinsed off with clear water.

PLANOFIL® offers endless possibilities

PLANOFIL® is the perfect material for a wide range of applications. In addition to tarpaulins and other coverings in the  maritime sector, PLANOFIL® has proven its worth for various other types of covers and shades. Under the Inselstern brand, PLANOFIL® also makes sporty and elegant bags.

Video: That’s how light a PLANOFIL® boat cover really is

To give you a quick impression of how light and handy PLANOFIL® is, we demonstrate the use of our tarpaulin and tarpaulin fabric in a short video. You can see the tarpaulin as a finished product on a boat and while it’s manufactured by a saddler. If you would like to test PLANOFIL® personally, simply order a free fabric sample by sending an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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